We take care of homes

We take care of your holiday home and we take care of people who need due attention to multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies or some type of intolerance.
We are very aware and we adapt to the needs, eliminating the use of any fabric, perfume, clothing, material or product incompatible with the health of our clients.
We use top quality organic products, thus reducing intolerances and environmental pollution.

  • Exclusive stewardship
  • Intensive cleaning
  • We take care of the environment
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Is it time to change cabinets? You need to wash:

  • Blankets and quilts
  • Jackets and coats
  • Other clothes stored
  • Fast collection and delivery

We take care of cleaning it and we deliver it clean and ready so that you can dispose of it when necessary. Prices adjusted according to the number of pieces

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Heating ready

We provide you with an absolutely trustworthy technician

  • Boilers and radiators
  • Professional chimney cleaning
  • Setting up and revisions
  • Full transparency

If the replacement of parts is necessary, all the necessary explanations will always be given to the client and a prior estimate will be made for their compliance

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Carpets and sofas

Leave the most complicated cleaning in our hands

  • Sofas
  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Other furniture

We have the professional machinery necessary to leave the furniture impeccable. You will get an incomparable cleaning done by experts.

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Companion Animals

We show love and care towards animals

  • Dogs · Cats
  • Small farms
  • Even horses

We take care of all your needs, such as walks, medication administration, treatments, food and any other need you have. We prioritize the well-being and happiness of your adorable furry companions.

More services

We are at your service to provide more extra services

Interior and exterior painting

The home needs a coat of paint, we provide you with the right painter

Work repairs

With the passage of time, necessary repairs appear in the home, here we are


You need to change or repair an appliance, contact us and we will provide you with the technician or adviser you need


You are going to move or you need to transport something big like a sofa or a bed, we have the right carrier

You can't find what you need, tell us without problem