Rural hotels or agrotourisms

Tranquility: We cover specific, unforeseen or extraordinary needs.

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Comprehensive scheduled domestic cleaning service

Our commitment: quality and speed

We provide the service immediately, even the same day that the clients check out, thus making it possible to have accommodation for future users.

  • To guarantee your confidence, we will designate the same person as the professional responsible for cleaning, whenever possible.
  • We have specific machinery for cleaning carpets, sofas, furniture, glass, marble floors, wood, terrazzo...
  • We offer cleaning with ecological products that reduce allergies, intolerances and environmental pollution.

Why TriaMallorca:

  • We are aware of the daily difficulties related to the management of a company, business or activity
  • Our goal is to get there where you have a specific or extraordinary need that you don't know how to attend to
  • The quality of good customer service is your value but also ours
  • All our workers are qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector
  • We promise to try to adapt to your requests as they arise
  • We guarantee that the people who work with us are duly hired, registered with social security and have the corresponding civil liability insurance
  • You collaborate with us in the project that we have started to give a stable job opportunity, with decent wages and conditions, to people over 50 years of age
  • Through this project, employment, business activities and local commerce are promoted in the municipalities of the interior of Mallorca


Transversal and multidisciplinary actions.

Qualified backup staff in cleaning service or restaurant to cover vacation periods, sick leave and increased work due to events, banquets, celebrations or specific work overloads.

Translation of texts into English by an official translator.

We process incidents, breakdowns, professional budgets or companies.

We receive and attend to visits or jobs carried out by technicians and professionals from external services.

We manage purchases and services.

We carry out bureaucratic and administrative procedures and process documentation.

We design and update web pages.

We prepare proposals, comparisons, studies on leisure offers and cultural activities in Mallorca so that you can offer them to your clients.

We carry out comparisons, studies and proposals on professional companies so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Complementary services

We want your clients to have unforgettable experiences.

We organize and accompany your clients during excursions, purchases or activities that they wish to carry out during their stay.

We make details and gifts using fresh products from the land, manufactured and from local commerce.

We accompany minors or elderly people during family outings.

We make personalized proposals for excursions, activities and services so that clients fully enjoy their vacations.